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Chance    24

- You can no longer take any Superdonor+ ticket from any boss, droptables except OP Box and donation store
- UPG Chance to upgrade donation ranks has been increase by *1.5
- Void now gives *1.25 instead of *1.5 and Elite void gives *1.75 instead of *2.5 making it balanced with Goku and Samurai sets
- Magic stone is now in the droptable of raids 2 chest
- Goku now respawns every 5 minutes instead of every 30 minutes
- Replaced some shit rewards from Vote keys with Souls
- New custom home area has been finally implemented
- Arctic Amulet is now back at "AMULET" Slot and wont act as a collector necklance (returned as before) cuz its op af if it stays like what it was
- Void now needs 4 pieaces to get the effect
- Mario no longer gives boss points
- Death set has been added to the boss points shop
- Ring of devotion ring has been added which gives same dr as LROW but with 1K Stats of each bonus
- Ring of devotion can be obtained by upgrading 3 Lucky ring of wealths at rate of 1/10
- Added more slayer tasks to all Slayer masters
- Added ::Thanos2 ::Thanos3 ::Thanos4 ::Thanos5
- You can no longer left click dismiss pet
- You can now type ::dismiss to dismiss your pets
- Removed the spam messages of Souls and slayer helmets 'boosted your dr, etc..'
- Donator scrolls now can be upgradeable at 1/5 - super donor 1/10 - ext 1/20 - legendary 1/40
- ::uzone2 has been added which has thanos, sensei, ect
- Made it harder to get scroll of ef from godzilla

- All pets DR is now equal, they all give 3% DR,
- Teddy bear now gives X2 its current stats + 6% dr
- Samurai cape has been buffed, its now better than Ragnarok cape
- Ring OF Dev has been fixed
- Removed all announcement for pet box loots (when u open them)
- Donor box common/uncommon announceemnt is now removed, it only announced legendary loots now
- When you click 'esc' in keyboard it closes the interface now
- Once you spawn your pet, the scroll will stay in your invetory (to prevent pet lose)
- Pets cant be lefclicked anymore
- Decant bug has been fixed
- Arctic amulet now pickups same as collector neck
- Added golden digger shovel as a drop from james the boss at same rare for james sword
- You can now click"F6" to open the bank!
- You can now click "CTRL + B" to open the bank!-
- Teddy bear now announces over yell
- Arctic amulet now gives 20% dr (because it collects as collector now)


Buffed LX Warriors
Lucky Icy Shadow star has been added
Queen Icy Set has been added
Lucky Icy Shadow star is obtainable by upgrading a teddy bear at a rate of 1/4 and gives you X2 Stats of the teddy bear and 6% dr (same dr)
Queen icy set is obtainable by upgrading the Icy Set from vorago at rate of 1/3 a pieace and it gives X2 The stats of the icy set
Frost Minigun has been added
Frost Minigun is obtainable by upgrading Blood minigun at the rate of 1/4 and Frost minigun has 80K Range Bonus instead of 60k
Goku now has higher hp
Nerfed Violet blade
New donor rank has been added 'Veteran Donator Rank' Which has 10% dr and 20% ddr - A custom zone where it has a boss that drops a custom weapon which has identicle stats for Icy sword with 10% dr too, Who ever donated for the Veteran Donator Rank '$500' Will also receive a free Veteran ICON
Veteran katana has been added which will be dropped by the Veteran boss in the ::Vzone
Veteran katana has 10% dr and same stats as james sword
::Vzone has been added which has the Veteran Boss
Veteran Donator Icon:
Veteran Katana

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