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  1. You're a great dude, helpful, so genuine! Best of luck on the application!
  2. Jon

    What's your In-game Name? Jon. Whats your Discord ID? Zøê#9717 What Time zone are you from? - Eastern Standard Time. How old are you? - 23 Are you in any form of Education? - No, I am not. I finished my Nursing classes in 2016. If yes, what do you study? - Tell us more about your self (hobbies, what do you do for living, what do you like/enjoy): - My hobbies would be coal mining, I enjoy League of Legends on my free time. I'm a high elo player and needed a break so I've been grinding out Arctic and now I am addicted to it. haha, so i guess this is now my hobbie. How often do you play Arctic every week? -I've been playing at least 10-12 hours a day, and I'm loving it. Will you be online more if you are a staff member? - Yeah, I'll be on as much as I can! Give us 3 points on why you want to join the Artic staff team? -I've been previous staff in multiply severs, and I would love to join the Arctic team! - I enjoy the community tons, and I absolutely love helping as much as I can. -The staff team has been good to me, and I would love to return the favor to help them out with whatever I can! Give us 3 points on why you would be a good fit for the Artic staff team. -I'm mature, and try to answer any questions/help anyone out that I can in the Friends Chat. -I have previous experience as staff in servers, and I know when to enforce the rules of the community. -I'm an honest and loyal person when it comes down to it. I believe I could be a great assistance to the community! Extra~ If I do not get accepted to the staff team, thanks for the recommendation @Perplexi. I love Arctic, and good luck to all players on trying for staff!