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    - You can no longer take any Superdonor+ ticket from any boss, droptables except OP Box and donation store - UPG Chance to upgrade donation ranks has been increase by *1.5 - Void now gives *1.25 instead of *1.5 and Elite void gives *1.75 instead of *2.5 making it balanced with Goku and Samurai sets - Magic stone is now in the droptable of raids 2 chest - Goku now respawns every 5 minutes instead of every 30 minutes - Replaced some shit rewards from Vote keys with Souls - New custom home area has been finally implemented - Arctic Amulet is now back at "AMULET" Slot and wont act as a collector necklance (returned as before) cuz its op af if it stays like what it was - Void now needs 4 pieaces to get the effect - Mario no longer gives boss points - Death set has been added to the boss points shop - Ring of devotion ring has been added which gives same dr as LROW but with 1K Stats of each bonus - Ring of devotion can be obtained by upgrading 3 Lucky ring of wealths at rate of 1/10 - Added more slayer tasks to all Slayer masters - Added ::Thanos2 ::Thanos3 ::Thanos4 ::Thanos5 - You can no longer left click dismiss pet - You can now type ::dismiss to dismiss your pets - Removed the spam messages of Souls and slayer helmets 'boosted your dr, etc..' - Donator scrolls now can be upgradeable at 1/5 - super donor 1/10 - ext 1/20 - legendary 1/40 - ::uzone2 has been added which has thanos, sensei, ect - Made it harder to get scroll of ef from godzilla - All pets DR is now equal, they all give 3% DR, - Teddy bear now gives X2 its current stats + 6% dr - Samurai cape has been buffed, its now better than Ragnarok cape - Ring OF Dev has been fixed - Removed all announcement for pet box loots (when u open them) - Donor box common/uncommon announceemnt is now removed, it only announced legendary loots now - When you click 'esc' in keyboard it closes the interface now - Once you spawn your pet, the scroll will stay in your invetory (to prevent pet lose) - Pets cant be lefclicked anymore - Decant bug has been fixed - Arctic amulet now pickups same as collector neck - Added golden digger shovel as a drop from james the boss at same rare for james sword - You can now click"F6" to open the bank! - You can now click "CTRL + B" to open the bank!- - Teddy bear now announces over yell - Arctic amulet now gives 20% dr (because it collects as collector now) Buffed LX Warriors Lucky Icy Shadow star has been added Queen Icy Set has been added Lucky Icy Shadow star is obtainable by upgrading a teddy bear at a rate of 1/4 and gives you X2 Stats of the teddy bear and 6% dr (same dr) Queen icy set is obtainable by upgrading the Icy Set from vorago at rate of 1/3 a pieace and it gives X2 The stats of the icy set Frost Minigun has been added Frost Minigun is obtainable by upgrading Blood minigun at the rate of 1/4 and Frost minigun has 80K Range Bonus instead of 60k Goku now has higher hp Nerfed Violet blade New donor rank has been added 'Veteran Donator Rank' Which has 10% dr and 20% ddr - A custom zone where it has a boss that drops a custom weapon which has identicle stats for Icy sword with 10% dr too, Who ever donated for the Veteran Donator Rank '$500' Will also receive a free Veteran ICON Veteran katana has been added which will be dropped by the Veteran boss in the ::Vzone Veteran katana has 10% dr and same stats as james sword ::Vzone has been added which has the Veteran Boss Veteran Donator Icon: Veteran Katana https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/554029321774170133/594462240682409985/40AAAAASUVORK5CYII.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/554029321774170133/594462339005153280/UwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg.png
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    Your application has been accepted, welcome to the team
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    What's your In-game Name: @Overflow What's your Discord ID: Reinier#3264 What's your suggestion? (with every detail). A new minigame to be added Explanation: Add a minigame which is similar to Dominion tower in RS3. You will have to complete different and endless floors by defeating a random boss which is in-game in Arctic. However on Arctic, these bosses will be heavily buffed. Another point is that prayer WILL be drain in there, meaning you have to not only bring food but also super restores. Every floor has also different requirements, for example: Some bosses can only be defeated through range, mage or melee. There are also different tier of floors which can be unlocked throughout playing the minigame and by total level on your account. This means that players have to actually gain levels in different non-combat skills on this server (though the server is PvM based). This not only promotes the side that is a bit lacking on the server, but may improve the skilling side in the near future! The floor tiers are ordered like this, combat stats are included within these total levels: Easy: Total level required - 0 Medium: Total level required - 1000 Hard: Total level required - 1500 Master: Total level required - 2000 Grandmaster: Total level required - Maxed When proceeding through floors, the reward will be bigger and better. Rewards: There are different rewards per floor and they also differ in quantity and quality. First of all there will be, aside from the bill tickets, clue scrolls and caskets, gained from the minigame, a new currency called dominion fragments. These drop have an average drop rate of 1 in 10, which are not increased by your drop rate. The amount however will increase when higher floors are achieved. An example of the possibly gained loot and the amount: Easy floor: 1 - 5 dominion fragments, 1k up to 10k 1 billion tickets, scroll of efficiency, caskets (cash), clue scrolls and donator boxes. Medium floor: 3 - 7 dominion fragments, 5k up to 15k 1 billion tickets, scroll of efficiency, caskets (cash), clue scrolls and donator boxes. Hard floor: 5 - 12 dominion fragments, 10k up to 20k 1 billion tickets, scroll of efficiency, caskets (cash), new tier of clue scroll? and donator boxes. Master floor: 8 - 15 dominion fragments, 20k up to 30k 1 billions tickets, scroll(s) of efficiency, caskets (cash), new tier of clue scroll? and donator boxes. Grandmaster floor: 10 - 17 dominion fragments, 25k up to 50k 1 billion tickets, scrolls of efficiency (always give more than two), higher tier of caskets (cash)?, new tier of clue scrolls? and donator boxes. There are also some unique rewards which can be found in the floors, neither will the drop rates be increased by your drop rate: Easy floor rewards Goliath Gloves: worse than samurai gloves BUT the upgraded version will be BIS? Doesn't give DR. Also has a hidden effect to randomly 1 hit a npc (1%). Spellcaster gloves: a new kind of mage glove, not sure if there is any mage based armoury as of right now, so might be BIS. Swift gloves: New gloves which have the same effect as on RS3, a weapon might hit double. Upgraded version will require all three gloves to enchant into the supremacy gloves it will have all around based stats and will be best in slot. To upgrade it u will need 150 dominion fragments, scroll(s) of efficiency and boss fragments. Medium floor rewards The dominion weapons, range, mage and melee, will be added to the reward chests when medium floors are achieved. These will have custom stats of course and won't be BIS. The drop rate will be much higher than the gloves of course, but will be based on what floor you are and on what tier the weapon has compared to the weapons that are in-game now. Although the upgraded version however will require the dominion weapon, 1500 dominion fragments, scroll(s) of efficiency and boss fragments. It will turn into a supremacy weapon, a copy of the dominion weapon, but textured better (and bigger). Nevertheless it probably ain't going to be BIS gear, up to James though. Hard floor rewards A dominion amulet will be added to the hard reward chests. The amulet is one of the best possible amulets in-game, but it provide any droprate bonuses nor does it collect drops. Meaning that u have to sacrife your collector's necklace to wear this item. Nevertheless the upgraded version, supremacy amulet, is an upgraded version of the the dominion amulet and a collectors necklace. It also needs different ingredients like 2000 dominion fragments, scroll(s) of efficiency and boss fragments. As said before, I am not going to give any drop rates, that is still up to James. (It would be high though when this item actually comes through) Master floor rewards Dominion master crown and cape, both one of the best rewards to get at the highest floors at the dominion tower. Both the items are tribrid based, meaning they offer range, mage and melee bonuses. These item will not give droprate bonuses, but can become best-in-slot items? - The upgraded version of both the items will be available when you reach the grandmaster floor, read that below. Other items besides the reward from grandmaster floor that is needed to upgrade these, are of course dominion fragments (up to 5000), scroll(s) of efficiency and boss fragments. Grandmaster floor rewards, The grandmaster floor will grant you an item, supremacy orb, which can be used to upgrade both the dominion master crown and cape into grandmaster crown and grandmaster cape, both the items are still tribrid based. These items will actually grant drop rate bonuses cause of the long grind people will have to make to reach max total level and the fact that this item should be super rare, maybe even more rare than James sword? Also a new title will be unlocked once achieved a completion count of 100 on grandmaster tier, called survivor. Rules: Some items are not allowed, such as the owner cape or custom donation items. Souls, from bosses in the server, are not allowed inside the minigame. Damage boosting pets are not allowed inside the area. The normal and unique rewards might seem overpowered, but think about the fact that there are multiple bosses to be slain before you can actually complete the minigame. Meaning that this minigame won't take 5 minutes like pest control, but more up to 30 minutes on easy mode. What could this bring to Arctic and how would it affect the players? New and unique content to ArcticPS, an item sink for some of the most commonly items in ArcticPS and maybe some content a youtuber might promote Arctic with! It might take a while to let this actually become a minigame, that's why we need you're feedback on how the minigame could be balanced and made better. Any criticism is welcome in the comments! Side note: the item models are completely left up to the coders and designers, if you have any idea of how a certain should look like you can also post that in the comments! References: https://runescape.wiki/w/Dominion_Tower https://runescape.wiki/w/Dominion_sword https://runescape.wiki/w/Dominion_staff https://runescape.wiki/w/Dominion_crossbow https://runescape.wiki/w/Goliath_gloves https://runescape.wiki/w/Spellcaster_gloves https://runescape.wiki/w/Swift_gloves https://runescape.wiki/w/The_Survivor
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    What's your In-game Name? Vcxnes Whats your Discord ID? Vcxnes#9805 What Time zone are you from? - [AEST] Australian Eastern Standard Time How old are you? - 20 Are you in any form of Education? - Not at the moment If yes, what do you study? - N/A Tell us more about your self (hobbies, what do you do for living, what do you like/enjoy): - My main hobbies are a few sports and video games. Games like rsps and call of duty appeal to me at the moment. How often do you play Arctic every week? - At this point in time i'm playing almost every day for about 5+ hours a day. Will you be online more if you are a staff member? - Yes, I plan on playing a lot more regardless if i'm a staff member or not. Give us 3 points on why you want to join the Artic staff team? - I would love to join the staff team and have a hunger for this server to see it strive - I would like to have more communication with all players as well as the staff team and get more involved in the server - I love the community that Arctic has created and I want to be apart of it more than just a player. Give us 3 points on why you would be a good fit for the Artic staff team. - I have a fair bit of experience on Arctic and a good bit of experience as a staff member before on previous rsps servers that i've played. - I think my Timezone would make me a great fit for the staff team due to most players being in the UK or US. I think i would cover a different timezone when less staff members are usually online. - I think i'm a fairly relaxed person that everyone could get along with, I enjoy helping players whenever i can and I know when and when not to enforce the server rules. Thanks for reading, regardless if i'm picked or not I plan on sticking around on the server and staying apart of this community for a long time.
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    You're a great dude, helpful, so genuine! Best of luck on the application!
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    Goodluck Jon, I see you in-game helping people out a lot, keep it up my man.
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    Promotions: @Raphas been promoted to Server support @PerplexiHas been promoted to Server support Demotions @Reck1essHas been demoted from Server support to player
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    Congrats to perplexi and rap!!
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    IGN Rap Discord ID Rap#4268 Time Zone - EST (Eastern Time zone) Age 21 Are you in any form of education ? Yes, Im Studying Chemistry More About Me My name is Evan, I am currently working construction part time and when im not playing on Arctic im usually with the bros playing basketball or havin a good time. How Often do you play Arctic every week ? I will be playing Arctic 30-45 hours a week , depending on the week Will You be online more as a staff member? Yes, If I became Server support I would play more often to be a help for the staff team and the community. Give us 3 points on why you want to join the arctic staff team - The owners/developers are amazing<333333 love them all - I am a very helpful person , and I learn very quickly - Was Staff of previous servers for xdex Give us 3 reasons why I would be a good fit for the Arctic staff team - I am very easy to get along with and familiar with the staff commands - I Know how to enforce the rules when NEEDED and I also am on a lot so I will be able to manage the community in game almost 40 hours every week and engage with them on a friendly level. - I would make sure that I did everything that was in my responsibility and would never advantage of being a staff member. I am very mature and if you guys ever need someone to even talk to feel free. Even if I am not picked , I want to thank everyone who took the time to read this if you ever need help or wanna talk feel free to add me in game or on discord -Rap
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    Make sure to enter the giveaway!! ~Noobs Own
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    love it man keep it up 😍
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    Sick video! gzz for the loots ❤️
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    Nice work both of you!
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    oooh they are a lot more clean then mine 😂